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Acupuncture treatment introduced

The acupuncture technique is the ancient Chinese medical methods, unique efficacy of medical treatment in China and the world in many countries, has become an integral part of many syndromes.


Often hear patients ask questions such as:


Acupuncture is what role?
The effectiveness of acupuncture is to clear the meridians (dredging meridian), run blood.


The meridian unreasonable obstruction of the blood running, often show clinical symptoms such as pain, numbness, swelling, ecchymosis, acupuncture can make the stasis of meridian smooth, normal blood running, organs and organ, body surface skinand limbs can be Ruyang to play its normal physiological functions, in order to achieve the purpose of treating disease.
In addition, the effectiveness of acupuncture yin and yang (regulating yin and yang) and rousing (strengthening body's resistance and eliminating pathogenic factors).


Acupuncture can cure the disease?
Appropriate acupuncture clinical disease widely. Acupuncture can treat a variety of symptoms, including inside and outside the women and children's facial Dermatology Branch, its therapeutic effect is relatively rapid and significant, especially with a good excitement bodily functions, improve disease resistance and sedative and analgesic effects. Such as stomach pain, abdominal pain, back pain, headaches and joint pain, often needle pain ended, than the medication to the quick.
In recent years acupuncture clinical breakthrough has been made. Acupuncture treatment can improve the success rate of the test-tube baby, effects of some neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly stroke sequelae, migraine, epilepsy, tremor, paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia.
In addition, acupuncture in drug treatment, smoking cessation and other effective method. In terms of weight loss, fitness, beauty has its unique.


Acupuncture really beauty
Cosmetic acupuncture needle to stimulate certain acupuncture points to stimulate by the gas, so that the body's metabolism to speed up the blood circulation of the face, so as to achieve a technique for cosmetic purposes. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, increased demand for health care, some physicians began to be excavated from the classical medical books and explored in clinical practice acupuncture beauty, splendor of ancient technology. Acupuncture cosmetic acupuncture treatment of disease is slightly different, because the beauty Shi needle focus on to enhance the metabolic capacity of the body, and clear the meridians, regulate blood and viscera, nourishing face; the acupuncture healing focus on correct body yin and yang, qi and blood the the Piansheng partial failure Beauty intended to nourish, regulation, treatment seeking out evil Liaoji thus, the difference in the election fertilizing needle.
1 acupuncture go wrinkles
Wrinkles points both true and false. False wrinkles is the true early stage wrinkles. If you do not pay attention to improving pseudo wrinkles will soon be true wrinkles. Small wrinkles, skin moisture decrease subcutaneous fat reduction the temporary wrinkles is pseudo wrinkles. Leading to the degradation of elastic fibers of the face shrinking true wrinkles. Acupuncture local acupuncture points can stimulate the skin function activation, increase and maintain skin moisture and fat.
2 acupuncture to the bags under the eyes
Bags under the eyes, around the eyes ligamentous laxity to subcutaneous adipose tissue expansion. The formation of symptoms projections, and often trapping leaving moisture. Clinically, we divided into two kinds of congenital and acquired bags under the eyes. Case of congenital genetic, acquired is eyelid skin has long been negative stimulus, such as incorrect massage love tears long lash line, eventually leading to the eyelid skin laxity and atrophy. Acupuncture corresponding points, such as the sun, fish waist and A is the point, connected to power, the current cause eyelid muscle contraction significantly beating, accelerated partial lipolysis tighten the laxity of the eyelid.
3 acupuncture face-lift
There are many types of facial muscles, each muscle affects the way are not the same. Acupuncture can not only promote the facial blood circulation, effectively remove aging skin cells, supply and maintain the nutrients required by the new cells, allowing the skin to restore the natural sheen and soft. And can really stimulate skin deep muscle movement has certainly achieved detoxify the skin tends to metabolic function returned to normal aging. Effectively solve skin problems such as acne pigmentation, dark circles troubled, to restore the health of the skin.


Acupuncture weight loss are effective?
Obese patients generally can be divided into two categories, obesity and secondary obesity. Simple obesity is more common in young people and part of the twenties and thirties, white-collar workers. The so-called simple obesity, one possibility is caused by genetic factors. Studies have shown that, the parent offspring obesity obesity was 40%, both parents are obese, obese offspring incidence as high as 70% -80%. Another possibility is that the acquired factors, such as the long-standing inequality diet, poor living habits, excessive intake of fatty foods, lack of necessary physical exercise, energy is lost too little, intake and metabolic imbalance caused acquired obesity.
Secondary obesity occurred in middle-aged obesity is caused by other diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, including drug-induced obesity, such as hormone-induced endocrine disorders. Acupuncture before, should first find out the cause of the etiology of obesity, and to accept the appropriate treatment of disease, the condition under control and then the purposes of acupuncture, but weight loss is not generally as simple obesity good.
The acupuncture method the emphasis is on by long-term stimulation of acupuncture points, slowly adjust the body's endocrine system, so obese people slowly get to eliminate all kinds of imbalances, thereby restoring the body's normal physiological function, stable long-term weight loss is basicallyeven "after effects" that to stop acupuncture after weight continue to ease. After the end of treatment, the weight generally does not rebound, and no adverse side effects. Acupuncture is a natural treatment process without the need for a strict diet, but it should not eat too much, you should avoid eating spicy or appetizer food.
Expert Tip: Acupuncture is not a bar, the better

Acupuncture weight loss is not a daily visible. Weight loss, not weight loss, but less fat, acupuncture weight loss is the same reason. More than the standard weight, the generally fat content is especially more and more obvious effects of acupuncture to lose weight. Some people overweight is not serious, so the effect of weight loss is not so obvious. Weight loss and body weight, and some local diet weight loss such as the abdomen, the effect is obvious, but weight loss is not obvious which is characterized by. In addition, the weight loss associated with the characteristics of fat, soft fat reduction faster and obvious hard fat is not effective. In addition, acupuncture needle is not the better, but need expertise.